Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


No, you are not required to make an account. You can order without creating an account, although we will still require an email address or phone number so we can send you delivery updates.

We do recommend you to create an account so that you can save your cart and view your previous purchases. An account also allows you to save multiple addresses instead of having to type your address repeatedly upon checkout.


Some of the soaps are wrapped in plastic to prevent evaporation, condensation, or changing the size of the soap. Doing so prevents “soap sweating” which happens if it is bare or directly paper wrapped.

Liquid refills are in plastic bottles so that it does not break easily.

For now, deliveries outside of Metro Manila are packaged in plastic. We are currently working on solutions to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic in deliveries.

We are happy to explore partnerships with your company or organization! Send us an email at and we'll get in touch with you in 1-3 days.

Partnering with Avocado

We have some prerequisites to sell on Avocado:

  1. Sustainability - We look for brands who advocate for a sustainable lifestyle, and products that are sustainable in itself. This means that products should be one or more of the following:
    1. Cruelty-free - No animals were harmed in the process of creating the product.
    2. Durable - The product can last for years and there is no need to replace it often.
    3. Fair labor - The brand follows fair employment practices.
    4. Locally made - Products and their ingredients are made and sourced from the Philippines
    5. Social impact - The brand or products advocates for communities or the Sustainable Development Goals
    6. Sustainable raw materials - Ingredients are sourced in a sustainable manner, meaning that the ingredients can be replaced easily
    7. Vegan - No meat is included in the food items.
    8. Zero-waste - Products were made out of recycled materials, and the product itself can be recycled after use.
  2. Local - We only accept brands and products that are based in the Philippines. We are still exploring the feasibility and sustainability impact of shipping from brands abroad.
  3. Exclusivity - We want each of our brands to feel like there is minimal competition on the platform, therefore we limit the number of similar products on the site to 5. For example, a bamboo toothbrush can only have 5 different vendors. There are some products that have different variations, for example a soap can have a lavender scent. In this case, we limit the number of brands selling a lavender-scented soap to 5.

If your brand meets all 3 conditions of being sustainable, local, and exclusive, send us an email at with a personal introduction, brand introduction, and types of products you sell. We will get in touch with you in 1-3 days and kickoff the onboarding process.


We currently support GCash, Bank Transfer to BPI, PayPal, and credit card payments via PayPal.

Do note that GCash and Bank Transfers are done manually. Please send a proof of payment to or on our Facebook page so that we can process your order immediately.

We are still exploring Cash on Delivery (COD) options, so stay tuned!

Refunds, returns, and exchanges

Avocado currently has a 7-day return policy, which means the customer (“Buyer”) has 7 days upon receiving the item to submit a Request Form for a refund and/or a return. Kindly send an email to and submit the following details:

  • Name of Customer
  • Order #
  • Reasons for request for refund/return
  • Relevant documentation such as pictures and videos
  • For refunds: Bank account details
  • For returns: Shipping address

A complete refund is allowable only under the following circumstances:

  • The item was not received by Buyer; 
  • The item was defective and/or damaged on delivery and Buyer is not interested in pursuing an item return.
  • Reasons such as change of mind or preference will not be considered as a valid request for refunds.

The following conditions are eligible for returns:

  • Seller has delivered an item that does not match the ordered specification (e.g. wrong size, color, etc.)
  • Seller has delivered an item that does not match the marketed specification (e.g. different material, etc.);
  • The item was defective and/or damaged upon delivery.


For Metro Manila, we use Fifth Express and EcoShop. Fun fact, their packages are already biodegradable so you can receive your packages guilt-free!

For areas outside Manila, we use Gogo Express.

We are currently working on our operations to be able to ship outside Luzon Island and outside of the Philippines as well, so hang tight!

Most of the brands we have create products only upon order, and therefore don't mass produce these items. Most products will arrive 5-7 days after ordering.

There are some products that can take longer than a week to create, so the delivery for these items can take 10-21 days.

For Metro Manila, our delivery fee is PHP 135 for items less than 3 kg, PHP 170 for items between 3-6 kg, and PHP 205 for items above 6 kg.

For the Greater Manila Area, our delivery fee is PHP 145 for items less than 3 kg, PHP 180 for items between 3-6k kg, and PHP 210 for items above 6 kg.